Quilt Show Memories...

Click on the photos here to start the slideshow of some of the quilts at our last show. Use the arrows to navigate between slides.


Check out this video from the Redding Searchlight, also.



Sharon Cox's Island Hosta won Viewers' Choice Best of Show

Kate Johnson's "Scrappy Stars" won Judge's Choice and !st Place for Large Pieced Quilt

Joyce Woodall's Best of Show for her embroidered "Girl's Gettaway"

Natalie Larson was our Featured Quilter for the show.

Natalie Larson's "Mixed Moosages" quilt.

Natalie's "Poulets en Provence"

The Witch Is In!

Natalie Larson's paper pieced and bargello quilts

One of Natalie Larson's One Block Wonder quilts

Scarecrow by Natalie Larson

Quilts by Roxi Bradley and Marjorie McGraw

Blue Ribbon to Karen Nelson for "Wild Flowers"

Karen Skelton's colored, hand embroidered wall hanging

"Country Western" by Laurie Murphy

Pam Allred's "Fox and Friends" won 2nd place for Large Pieced quilt

"Twisted Ribbons" by Alice Burris

"Wanderlust" by Marilyn Cooley

Kaleidoscope by Mary Alec Perkin

Patricia Christ's "Dancing Rectangles" quilt

Connie Ross calls this one "A Mother's Love"

"Hooterville" by Lorena Rodrigues

Connie Ross's "So Simple-Black and White"

Vala Parker's "Sew Crazy Stars"

MJ Bruce's "Underwater Skyview"

Angela Birkeland " The Grind" won 2nd place for Small Pieced Quilt

Roxi Bradley's "Autumn Elegance"

MaryJeanne Bruce's "Grandma's Scrappy Flower Garden"

"Secret Window" by Jean Bradley

4 by Lois Moore

"Brooster" by MJ Bruce

Spoiled Cats by Katie Bradley

Patricia Busey's "Mr. & Mrs. Rooster"

Rhonda Johnson's Red Silk Coat

Shirley Leatherwood's 1st place for "Fairy", Medium Machine Embroidered quilt

"Glacial Star" by Marjorie McGraw

Patricia Busey's "Sunshine Lollipops"

Darlene Herrick's "Baskets of Love" won 1st place for Large Hand Embroidered Quilt, On the right is Margie Graham's "Garden Stars"

"Prairie Flowers" by Betty McAndrews

"Autumn Night" by Eydie Courtney

Beth Wray's "Hawaiian Rhapsoday in Blue" won 1st place for Large Hand Applique.

Margaret Ward won 2nd place for Art. Also shown are small entries by June Kirk, Rosalie Fredericks, and Marjorie McGraw

Small Pieced Quilt by Tiffany Poulson won Honorable Mention. Other wall hangings by Carolyn Woods, Trisha Tooker, and Angie Birkeland.

Diana Dobson's "Christmas Spin", with Alice Crain's "Lemoyne Feathered Star" behind.

Karen Skelton's Stack 'N Whack

Alice Crain's Stack 'N Whack, called "Floating Flowers"

Quilts by Joanne Carroll, Janyce Mathis

"Moonlight Madness" by Marilyn Cooley

Trisha Tooker's "Dresden"

Eydie Courtney's "Anniversary Waltz"

Barbara Johnson's 1st place for Small Hand Embroidery, called "Tanagram Fun"

Donna Comer's "Sweetheart Quilt"

"Crystal Prism" by Marjorie McGraw

On the left, Kay White's "JJ"s Spin and Grin" and Tina Haws' "My Favorite Garden" on the right with her ribbon.

Michelle Oberlander's "There's Nothing Like a Grandmother's Love", 1st place for Medium Size Pieced Quilt. Janyce Mathis's quilt on the left.

Margie Braham's "Scrappy Batiks" and Roxi Bradley's "Celebrate"

Marilyn Cooley's "Pink Mermaids" won 1st place for small machine embroidered quilt.

"Stained Glass Batiks" by Janyce Mathis

Ellen Abshier's !st place for Medium size Machine Applique.

Debbie McKay's "A Ride in the Park" won a ribbon for machine applique.

Cathy Warren's "Moccasin" won 2nd place for pieced quilts.

Pam Allred's 2nd place for Large Pieced quilt

Marilyn Cooley's "Hattie's Dream" and "Stained Glass" by Betty McAndrews

Marjorie McGraw's "Pink and Gray Memories"

"Blue Inspiration" by Margaret Ward

Lorena Rodrigues' Hand Embroidered Honorable Mention quilt called "Vintage Tin"

"Hen" Rietta & Rooster by Karen Nelson

"Shiny Metals" by Kathy Osburn

Joyce Woodall's 2nd place entry for Hand Embroidered Medium Size quilt.

Joyce Gravell's "Elegant Bargello"

Cheryl Hunt's "Different Sisters from the Same Garden"

"Different Sisters from the Same Garden" by Leigh Ann Phillips

Joanne Carroll's "Great Alaskan Adventure"

Debbie McKay's "Fish Family" won 1st Place for Machine Applique, small size.

"Trees of Life" hand embroidered by Rosalie Fredericks

Ellen Abshier's "Beckett's Mountains" won Honorable Mention for Machine Applique, medium size

Debbie McKay's "Good Day to Fish" won 2nd place for Small Machine Applique

Ellen Abshier's "It Makes Me Smile" won 2nd place for Machine Applique Large Size.

Kimberly Marley's quilt called "I Love Steampunk"

Angela Birkeland's "My Potted Garden" won 1st Place for Medium Size Hand Applique.