Our "Bee Line"  monthly guild newsletter contains:

¨ Our Guild President’s Report, Programs and Workshops Chairs Reports

¨ Monthly Meeting Reminders and Date/Time Changes

¨ News, Names, and Contacts for Various Chairs each Month

¨ Small Groups Calendar

¨ Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Report

¨ Affiliate Member Listing and Vendor Ads

¨ Membership Renewal Forms and More..

Each member that chooses to receive newsletters by email, currently saves the guild $23 per year!  Not only that, but the full color version is only available online.  Please consider trying this by downloading one of the newsletters below.  You can  help save a tree too, by reading it on your screen and only printing out the pages that you really need.   

Guild Newsletters are published around the 15th of each month and available online and  in color, a day or two ahead of the mailed version.

To send an advertisement request, change your method of receiving the newsletter, or send a committee report to the Newsletter editor, please

contact Connie at

Send email to for member access or help with downloading the pdf files. Please do not share this password  with the general public to protect the privacy of members’ names and phone numbers that are listed from time to time. 

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