Board Members

*Note New Board Meeting Time - The Guild Board meeting is open to all members on the

2nd Wednesday of each month at 6 pm.  Board Meetings will resume on June 10 at 7:00 pm.  Please contact Janyce Mathis for location and directions.

Members may download Board contact information list here with your members only password.

Please contact our guild email address: for password help.



Janyce Mathis, President

Natalie Caldwell, Vice President, Programs Chair

Judy Healy, Programs  & Workshops Co-Chair

Jean Bradley, Treasurer

Angie Birkeland, Secretary

Kimberley Marley, Education Coordinator

Vala Parker, Membership & Friendship Chair

Yvette Borden, Membership & Friendship Chair

Connie Corrales, Newsletter Editor

Connie Ross, Opportunity Quilt 2020

Margaret Ward, Opportunity Quilt 2021

Debbie Stewart, Opportunity Quilt 2021 Co-Chair

Cathy Warren, Parliamentarian

Tina Wheeler, Publicity

Margie Graham, Publicity Co-Chair

Pam Allred, Quilt Show Chair

Cathy Warren, Quilt Show Co-Chair


Cathy Warren & Pam Allred, Garden Quilt Tour 2022

Kate Johnson, Auditor

Debbie Stewart, Block of the Month - Sign up NOW!

Carolyn Woods, Community Service

Jean Bradley, Community Service

Pam Allred, Corresponding Secretary

Pat Christ, Insurance

Trish Tooker, Property Manager & North Quarter Rep.

Margaret Ward, Monthly Nickel Fabric Exchange - delayed to January 2021

Debbie McKay, Refreshments

Gail Vinson, Refreshments

Patty Lingenfelter, Scholarships

Angie Birkeland, Tehama Fair Liason

Patty Lingenfelter, Ways & Means

MaryAnn Crain, Photographer, Webmaster